What I Got for Christmas 2014?

Happy New Year dearies! We already spent 13 days of this new year and so far, so good by God’s grace.

I couldn’t count all the blessings I received for year 2014 in this post. There’s so many things to list down if I have to name them one by one. God is so good! Let me just share to you first what I got for Christmas 2014. It isn’t as grand compared to what youtubers showed on their channel but my heart is exploding with the same joy they’ve showed.

Thank you dear family and friends for investing your time, effort and money for these wonderful gifts. There are others things I bought for myself for giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done:)

What I Gave for Christmas 2014

The best gift I can give to myself is by giving gifts to my loved ones. As much as I want to give gifts like iphone 6 or set of Bath and Body Shop products, my budget just doesn’t allow it so I just settle what I’m able to give. What matters most is the condition of my heart while preparing the gifts.
It gives me so much joy seeing the receiver smile while unwrapping the gift.
Here are the gifts I gave for Christmas 2014. I posted them here for memory’s sake and also a reminder that God bless me to be a blessing to others.
For Hyzyd: 



• LED Watch. It helps him read time and numbers.
• Batman LEGO. He loves Batman mini-figures and building Lego bricks.
• Minecraft Steve and animals like ocelot and cow
• Minecraft Iron Golem flower and Pick axe
• Batman Costume
For hubby dear: 


 Trendy Gem Stainless Steel Bracelet
For my sis Zizah: 
 • Sleeveless top with belt, hair accessory, pink purse from Avon
For my sis Yvonne: 
• Blue sleeveless top, hair accessory, Avon Brassiere
For my sis-in-law Nona: 
• Pouch filled with teacher essentials like set of red pens, Floucaril mouth spray, rubber bands for hair, handy cutter, and Avon’s purse concentre
For my bro. Bjoy:
• 100 Thb
For my niece HJ:
• Barbie accessories set, coloring book, DECOOL mini-figure, Bible for Kids with Kuya Hyzyd’s sign
For my niece Baby Kaethe:
• Red Hello Kitty purse, little pink pony
For our Pastor’s wife: 
Jewelry Set
 For Hyzyd’s teacher: 


 Very soft pink piggy stuff toy and cookies
For my students:

Suitable Gifts for Dads

When do you usually buy gifts for your dad? On his birthday? Christmas? Valentine’s Day? Father’s Day? What gifts do you think are suitable for dads?

For me, I usually find it hard to choose what kind of gift suits best for my father these days. I won’t take the easy road with tie or coffee mug anymore because he already got tons of them! Talk about a personal watch, I already gifted him with that. He dearly loved to wear it because it has his photo with his first grandson (our Hyzyd). Aside from that, my husband already gifted him one of Ellesse’s most luxe of watches.

If that is so, why not opt for something a little different and delve into the world of tech, you may suggest. You know, you’re right. That’s why I searched Lazada Philippines for cool gadget gifts and tech tools. Oh boy, this site got special promotion- electronic mega sale featuring electronic gadgets perfect for all kinds of dads — from DIY Mr. Fix-It Dads to Digital Dads who can’t live without their techie toys, and everyone in between! You can check out Lazada’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines for more special promotions!

My dad always work with his desktop especially when class opens because he made books of our preschool ministry. Check out this HP Pavilion 500-214d Desktop PC Windows 8, don’t you think it would be a perfect gift for him, right?

This is indeed a perfect gift but we’ve just reminded that 2 years ago, we gave him HP Pavilion desktop which is still working so well. My dad who’s dearly loved by his children is already gifted with fun gadgets. One of my brothers gave him Blackberry with 3G to keep him connected at home as he is when he’s out for speaking engagements and about on the road. The other one surprised him with Asus Eee Pad. It’s like a small, thin notebook — yet it splits in two to free up the tablet from its keypad.

So, what other cool father’s gifts that my dad doesn’t already have? This is the question I asked myself when I shop online for my father’s Father’s Day gift last week. After a day of scavenging the web for inspirations, these 2 items stood out on me based on the gift criteria I set:

Pepe Jeans Aviator Sunglasses are suitable for frequent traveling men like my father. He’ll travel looking dapper as ever with these sunglasses on. It’s a kind of gift that is practical yet cool.

To match his protective and stylish eye wear, here’s Capelli Cyrus Loafers (Beige) that will make him feel like Ryan Gosling:

With these loafers on, my father can now travel with comfort and style. He’ll look dress-up without feeling stuffy.

I’m glad to find gifts that are mixed with quality, function, and style.

How about you? What gifts do you usually buy for your dad? I would love to hear from you.