What’s in My Diaper Bag? Labor and Delivery Edition

It’s advised that it’s best to prepare your diaper bag around 33-36th week of pregnancy. I prepared mine at 40th week or just few days before my expected due date which falls on January 4, 2016 (a night before New Year’s Eve…which was just a night away when I actually gave birth! You can read AZ’s birth story HERE. ) I’m not pressured to get ready my things to bring to hospital because on my previous experience, all things were provided by the hospital or if not, there are convenience stores that surrounds the hospital. Another reason is that the hospital is just 15-minute away from home. My hubby could just grab things we’ll need in the hospital if ever I forget something.

What’s in my diaper bag / hospital bag?

1. Important documents like passport, ID, work permit (necessary for foreigners like us) , the Pregnancy Record (pink book) that recorded all antenatal visits and cares , information and test results, and the private doctor’s information ( he has shared care with the hospital) . I also bring my diary and pen. I love to write down what I have experienced throughout my labor, giving birth and even my emotions during this special day. They are beautiful keepsakes that I can share with my baby in the coming days.

2. Going home outfit for me and for the baby. I don’t need to bring clothing for me to change because I’m required to wear the hospital gowns provided during my stay. What I just needed to bring is an outfit for going home. In my previous experience, in a private hospital , the baby is provided with everything, from beanies to socks. With my second baby, we opted for a public hospital. The hospital only provided a basketful of muslin squares. When the baby was born, because we’re not able to bring clothing for her aside from her “going home outfit”, we bought a set of baby clothes- shirt, beanie, mittens and socks from the hospital for 120 Thb only. My hubby just get more clothing for the baby from the house on the following day.

 Top photo: Few hours after giving birth, I’m wearing the hospital gown :)
Bottom photo: It’s the first time Kuya Hyzyd met his baby sister :) Baby AZ was wearing the clothing we bought from the hospital :)

3. Toiletries. As you can see on my first photo above, the only toiletries I put inside my bag are toothpaste, toothbrush and mouth wash. My hubby just brought in shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, face wash and deodorant the following day.

4. Make-up. A lot of times I saw in Facebook women who just gave birth look amazing! They manage to put on a full face of make-up! Thus,  I brought along with me pressed powder , eyebrow kit, and lipstick . I don’t want to appear a hot mess when my friends are going to visit me. Also, wearing make-up is a sort of confidence and morale booster.

5. Snacks and personal items. I brought cookies and lozenges in case I’ll get hungry. I also had with me my wallet, coin purse, few underwear, house key , mobile phone and charger.


So there you have it. I hope that this post will help you one way or the other. As you can see, I didn’t bring bottles because the hospital fully supports (as in 100%!) breastfeeding. I’ll share to you my breastfeeding journey next time. I only use disposable diaper when we went home. I didn’t use wet wipes in cleaning baby’s bum when she pooped. I just use cotton and lukewarm water. As I mentioned earlier, those things that we need but weren’t found in my diaper bag were brought in the following days. Those things will just take up quite a bit of space in my bag!

Our Baby AZ’s Birth Story

My expected due date for baby AZ was on January 4 but I felt I’m ready to pop out since I entered the 36th week. I prayed and talked to baby not to come out yet, not until her grandparents from Philippines will arrive on the morning of 31st of December.

The last day of December 2015 was a very busy day for us. Before the time to meet our parents around 9 AM, we went first to the market to buy my mom’s favorite Thai mango variety- the green sweet ones, our Hyzyd’s fave pork ribs to be fried and few kgs of fresh fish. There’s a delay on our parents’ arrival, so we’re able to meet them around 10 AM . We brought them to the nearest dimsum restaurant for a family brunch.

meeting the grannies after almost 3 years!

We go back home for a rest because we planned to celebrate New Year at my brother’s place in the evening. We just prepared fried pork ribs and garlic shrimp while my sis-in-law prepared the rest of the recipes for the night’s celebration. We rode on a Tuktuk around 6:00 PM. Before we arrived to their place, there was a sudden trickle of fluid leaking out via my V. My water broke! It’s a sign that I may be in pre-labor. With my first born, there’s no water breaking, only blood when my contraction began.

 contractions started!

What did I do when my water breaks? I told my parents. They were elated because soon they’ll see their granddaughter. For me, I tried to keep calm. I read that keeping calm and relaxed will help your body to release the hormone, oxytocin, that you need for your labor to progress. It can help you to cope with the contractions or tightenings. I asked my sis-in-law for a sanitary pad and borrowed one of her dresses to change. We first had family picture-taking, bread-breaking, then we ate dinner. Every now and then, I checked the pad if there’s blood stain.

After an hour since my water broke, slight contraction (cramps) began. I did whatever help me stay relaxed. I took a shower to ease discomfort and pain. I changed underwear and dress. I wore make-up because I wanted to wear the red maxi dress for photo-shoot before the baby will come out. My contractions suddenly progressed from 20 minutes interval to 10 minutes around 8:30 PM.

 painful contractions in between photo shoots! LOL!

After the photo shoot, I asked my hubby to get the diaper bag I prepared at home. At 9:30 PM, we decided it’s the right time for me to go to Hatyai Hospital (a government hospital) . We rode on a tuktuk and my contractions progressed from 10 minutes interval to 5 minutes. The tuktuk driver was kind enough to usher us to Emergency attendees . He told them we’re Filipinos so they looked for someone who can speak in English to explain to us where they need us to bring.

One final pose before we went to hospital..he..he..he…

My hubby wasn’t allowed to stay with me in the Labor Room :( . A nurse interviewed and fill up the form for me. All my medical history, private doctor’s information and the baby’s health chart we’re all in this pink booklet:

Afterwards, I was asked to take off all my jewelry and clothes and changed to hospital gown. My blood pressure was checked. My urine was then tested . I then had vaginal examination at this stage. The nurse shaved my V though I shaved before going to the hospital. The nurse checked my cervix and informed me that it dilated to 4 cm. She said I may gave birth on New Year!

It’s already 10:40 PM when I was hooked up to an electronic fetal monitor. My contractions become more frequent, longer, and stronger in intensity as the minutes passed by! Honestly, I find it quite uncomfortable to have the transducers strapped to my belly during labor. Lying down made it harder for me to cope with contractions! I used my breath to help me cope with each painful contraction! It was hard enduring each painful contraction without my hubby by my side…Around 11:45 PM, the nurse checked on me and I’m already on the brink of crying because of pain. She checked my V again and informed me that I’m already 8 cm dilated! They moved me to the delivery room. I was told that my doctor ( a man in his 50s) wasn’t available for the night because he spent New Year in Patthalung. My new doctor is a woman in her early 30s and she spoke limited English.

Five minutes before 12:00 midnight, I felt like pushing but the doctor wasn’t around yet. When the clock struck 12:00 I could hear fireworks exploding outside. It’s already New Year and I’ll soon deliver our new year’s baby which Thais believe to be lucky. The doctor came in but I already lost my urge to push. Unlike with my first born, once I had the unbelievably urge to push, I pushed only 4 times and Hyzyd was born. There were so many emotions flying round the delivery room: anticipation, excitement, nervousness, fear and happiness. You name it, it was there. I can’t do anything but only pray to God to strengthen me. When Dr.R told me to push I didn’t quite know how. I lost the timing…the rhythm…I breathed in and then pushed, but was breathing out as I was pushing. I couldn’t get the hang of it. I waited for one almighty contraction to come so that I could push! I forced myself to push and I was running out of breath! I panicked and I cried out loud to God for help. The doctor told me one more push coz the baby’s head is almost out. It gives me the courage to try one more hard push. I was hanging for my dear life and the pain is almost unbearable! Finally, that push made the baby’s head out. I can vividly remember the feeling of the baby’s head crowning and my body stretching, to what felt like breaking point.Once the baby’s head was out, the doctor told me to stop pushing while she delivered the baby’s body. I could feel every bit of her body coming out through my V! Our beautiful baby girl AZ was born, weighing 3.41 kg at 12:12 AM on January 1, 2016.

I flopped down, overcome with relief that it was all over. I remember crying while laughing as I say “Thank you, Jesus” as our baby girl was placed on to my stomach while the umbilical cord was cut. She was weighed and measured while the doctor delivered my placenta, I believed. They let me kissed the baby before she was brought to the nursery while I was being cleaned (which was such an ordeal!)  and stitched for about 30 minutes.  The pain made me dizzy.

I was then brought back to the labor ward around 1:00 AM. I was given water and sweet red juice. It was such a relief to finally drink liquid after being thirsty for few hours! Few minutes later, baby AZ was brought back to me and let her suck on my breast. We stayed on that position for a while before she was brought back to the nursery room while I was being prepared to be strolled to our private room where we’re going to stay for another 2 nights and 3 days.

I was only able to see my family when we were sent to our private room. It was already 2:00 in the morning.

We were wheeled to our room…this is our first photo after my delivery…
the nurse made sure the baby breastfed on me before leaving us at 3:00 AM
To our friends, thank you so much for your prayers. I had a safe delivery and healthy baby. We present to you our Amiah Zara (AZ) which means “Beloved Princess” :

My Pregnancy Update

Next week I’ll be on my 39th week of my pregnancy! Due date will be on January 4, 2016. We’re sooo excited to meet our little bundle of joy anytime soon!


My pregnancy wasn’t an easy one. For 5 months, I’m in constant vomiting anytime of the day so I can’t really say it’s a morning sickness only. I throw-up in between classes, I throw up after eating fruits and I throw up even without eating anything! With this condition, you don’t feel alright all through the day. I have headache, I’m dizzy and sleepy all through the day! I have to toughen up because I’m working. I don’t want my little learners to notice my predicament. I have to be as cheerful as I can be even though I felt fainting. I also experienced rashes all over my body!Imagine the itchiness I felt all through out the day especially when I’m sweating! I always sweat because it’s summer and the weather is soooo hot! Thanks God it subsided after my 5th month. When I thought that finally all was well, I had a terrible toothache – so terrible that I almost lost consciousness because of the pain! The last thing I experienced before I finally felt okay was having fever. My son and I had high fever and we felt so sore and ungodly tired that we slept the whole day, only to wake up for our meals and medicines.

I praise God that amidst all the difficult and unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, I survived by His grace and strength. I learned to be thankful one moment at a time (e.g I’m thankful I finished a 5o-minute class session without vomiting). I learned to be more patient in my troubles and most of all I drew closer to God. I talked to Him every single minute of my life. It’s worth suffering those symptoms. After all, our baby grew healthier each month. She’s an answered prayer to our prayers.

Now that my due date is coming near, the challenges I’ve encountered are the following:

  1. I gained about 12 kgs and my tummy’s so big . It seems my legs can’t hold the weight for so long. I had constant backache and leg cramps.
  2. Climbing stairs every now and then (my office is on the third floor and my classes are on 2nd floor and ground floor) makes my heart beats faster than usual, thus, I had issue with my breathing capacity.
  3. Feeling hot, hot, hot even with a turned-on aircon.
  4. Feeling worn-down like I haven’t sleep for a week!
  5. I’m still having classes until December 28.

Happy New Year everyone! See you soon with our little AZ!