My 34th Birthday Blessedness

The night before my birthday:

Hyzyd: Mom, you better wake up late tomorrow?
Me: Why?
Hyzyd: Because I still need to prepare a surprise for you.

My heart melted:)

At 5:00 AM when my alarm sounded, mu hubby hugged me , greeted me a happy birthday and prayed a declaration of blessings for me. My heart melted for the 2nd time :) Then my son serenaded me with eyes half-closed…he..he…and he prepared this birthday message for me when I arrived from market:

IMG20150425083100 IMG20150425083142

Pardon us for the wrong spellings:) As simple as this, it melts a mother’s heart

I had special class on Saturday and one of my students surprised me with a cake and personalized teddy bear! Isn’t he adorable?

IMG20150425123534 IMG20150425203204

After my class, we went to Remroa Mokata, it’s an Eat-All-You-Can Steamboat-Barbecue Restaurant here in Hatyai City. If you ever want to visit this place, just tell the tuktuk driver “Remroa Mokata” or show this map address:


I prepared a short video about my birthday for my family. If you want to watch, you may but pardon me for my very (over)bubbly personality because I just want my parents and siblings to laugh…LOL!

Thank you so much for my friends and love ones who take time to greet me on my special day. You make me happy and made my birthday extra special. Thank you also to our church family especially to our Pastor, Ajarn Lisa, for baking us (celebrants) a special chocolate cake.

Cheers and blessings for my 34 years here on earth!

We go Kayaking!!!

Thanks to our church’s youth camp, we had an exciting unplanned adventure last week. We went kayaking!I said unplanned because the first plan was to spend half day in Samila Beach with the youth from the church. On the last minute, it was decided to go kayaking in Patthalung instead.

From Hatyai City, we traveled over 2 hours to reach our destination (add on the minutes we go back on our way because we almost got lost and a short stopover at Tesco Lotus for personal needs). We arrived around noon and had boodle fight first before we went on kayaking.

By the way, few kilometers before we arrived in our destination, there were few placards I saw indicating we’re getting nearer to “Nhanmooddang Rafting” (this is how it was written). But according to, this is how it’s written Nan Mot Daeng.  “Nan” in local dialect means “Kaeng” (or rapids) and “Mot Daeng” means red ant. According to the local people, Nan Mot Daeng is a great, never-ending source for fish. When they got the fish, they would cut the head and tail of the fish. The smell of the fish attracted numerous red ants to feast on fish remains. That’s the origin of the name “Nan Mot Daeng”. Also, though they say it’s rafting, I think the correct term is kayaking because we used kayak not inflatable raft.

 Now, here’s our own version of boodle fight. Mind you, we had sticky rice! LOL!

If you wonder what boodle fight is, it’s a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on the side to wash hands before the “eating combat”. With the signal to start the boodle fight, everyone aims for his/her position.

 There were about 19 of us (including my son) . I was told that the fee per person is 180 Thb (about $6) and my son who is six years old is free. While waiting for our turn to be transported to the launch point (about 8 km away), we were assisted in wearing vests and helmet. We then rode on a pick-up truck to be transported to the launch point (as I said earlier).

 on our way to our launching point

the launching point

I don’t have GoPro camera to capture the momentous event so I just used my loyal Oppo mobile phone inside this plastic case:



Here’s a short video of our adventure:

My family passed strong currents without being flipped upside-down! Thanks to my hubby who did all the paddling:) He paddled about 2 hours! Here’s the view of the finishing point:

After the kayaking thrill, we relaxed our muscles in the herbal steam room and drank hot coffee (you can choose cold drinks too!) These services were free! Too bad, I wasn’t able to film the whole journey because my phone’s battery died.

For more information about Nan Mot Daeng, please click HERE.

on Letting Go, Vlogging and Tutorial Classes

Out of my seven blogs, I let go of five. I decided to keep this blog, my son-dedicated blog and my fashion blog. I also decided not to accept paid post yet in order to re-establish my three remaining blogs.

I’m also into vlogging but for now it’s only my family who can view our videos. I made a weekly video in order to show my family how are we these days and also they feel that though we’re miles away, we let them feel closer through our laughter, smiles and greetings. It was fun but the editing is time-consuming!

The other reason why I wasn’t able to update my blogs is my tutorial classes. I teach English conversation to few preschoolers and making lesson plans isn’t as easy as I thought.

I hope this update will be a start of a new phase of my blogging career!