Super Kids

Yesterday, we were asked to attend the book orientation of Super Kids,published by Pearson Longman . Lately, I stated
my opinion about the English book we currently use and how I’d love to still use the same for the next term. As I listen to the short presentation and scanning the book’s features, I came to realize that this book is much simpler and more functional. This book is widely used in Japan, Korea and Taiwan in teaching English as a second language. It is also suitable for a class like mine consisting 40-47 students .

It blends the best techniques from proven language teaching methodologies into a program that creates confident, autonomous English speakers. Furthermore, it has comprehensive language learning , functional grammar dialogs, phonics program, songs and chants make language easy to remember . The unique phonics program moves students from letter sound recognition to reading short phrases . The colorful artwork features friendly characters. who gradually mature with students as they move through each level. The animals hidden in each unit is a feature that students will surely love.
No matter how excellent the book is, teacher’s teaching ability still matters the most. Teachers need flexibility to prepare and teach both effectively and efficiently.

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