Quick Postie: Blue Screen and Application Crash

Maybe I’ll be gone for awhile coz our computer experienced “blue screen” which shut down every minute and it badly needs it’s “check-up”…Hmmmm. Hope it will be fine before our contest starts on October 5.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Her and History

Two absents in a week…first time in my teaching career

Last time I posted HERE that if I’ll be absent today that we’ll make a history and YES it is!

Yesterday, when my hubby came to school to fetched me he told me that there’s a change of schedule in their school’s calendar…instead of having their final test on SUNDAY, it is moved TODAY! OH no…I can’t do a thing so before I went home, I went to see the head of the kindergarten department and told her of my predicament. Glad that she’s considerate and understands my situation.

So, I’m at home now taking care and bonding with my baby.

I’m sick today…

My energy has zapped today! I felt so drained today that I don’t have energy left to do anything plus I have sore throat…I finally decided not to go to school so I just stayed at home blogging resting. I feel better today. I want to wake up early tomorrow and I’m hoping that my body won’t feel lack of pep and vitality again.

The babysitter asked me today that on Friday she will not be able to come because she’s going to have a “visa run”..Oh no..I have to be absent again…:( Thank God that when I told my hubby he said they don’t have class on Friday so he’ll be the one to take care of our baby. Thank you so much my dear. You really help unload the burden I felt this morning that I’ll be absent from school for 2 days in a week. If it happens, this will be the first in history…he..he…