A Call to Celebrate Her and History’s Life and Love: Win tons of giveaways!

October 5-November 5, 2009

It’s now time to celebrate Her and History‘s Life and Love. I want to give God all the glory and honor for giving me generous sponsors here and there. Without you guys sharing your resources, this giveaway won’t be realized (and to think it’s my first time hosting a giveaway). For those who don’t yet have any ideas on why I’m having a giveaway, you can read the details HERE. In summary, I want to celebrate birthdays (Hyzyd’s 1st birthday and my father’s 51st birthday) and our 2nd year wedding anniversary with you. It’s indeed a call to celebrate my life and love! My 1st blogversary will be on December and I hope another giveaway will be hosted in Her and History.

Without much ado here are the prizes and the sponsors:
1st prize: $55, 20,000 EC, ad spaces, .info domain and blog hosting, blog review (worth $15)

$50- Buraot and Anak ni Kulapo
$5- Pinay Mommy Online
.info domain with free 1 year blog hosting- Pinay Mommies Communities
5000 EC – Mommy Journey
3000 EC Cornymans Money-Blog
3000 EC All about babies and Kids
3000 EC – Simply Happy Life
2000 EC- The Movie Mommy
2000 EC- Chika Buzz
1000 EC – Love’s Haven
1000 EC- Kalidadis
125×125 ad space for a month (PR 3)= A Woman’s Blog
125×125 ad space for a month (PR 3)= OnlineBiz and resources
125×125 ad space for a month (PR 2)= Moolah Musings
125×125 ad space for a month (PR 1)= I Love Contest and More!
125×125 ad space at Wannabesuper Mommy
125×125 ad space at CrossRoads…where ideas meet
125×125 ad space at Pinay Blogger at Home
125×125 ad space at Moi et mon univers!
125×125 ad space at Sassy Chicks World
125×125 ad space at Tambayan ng mga Uragon

Blog reviews:

2nd prize: $30, 18,000 EC’s,.info domain and 1 year WP blog hosting,ad spaces, blog reviews (worth $10)
$20 – Seiko’s Diary
$5 – babyblog Azumi ★
$5 – My Kawaii Princess
5000 EC – Wonderful Things In Life
5000 EC – Her and History
2500 EC – Thoughts in Daily Living
2500 EC- Parenting Notes
2000 EC – Our Adventures Together
1000 EC- Mi Mundo Del Amor
info domain Online Mommy’s Corner
1 year free WP blog hosting Online Mommy’s Corner
1 month ad space (PR1)- Mouth’s Delight
1 month 125×125 ad space- Just About Anything
125×125 ad space at Real Garden
125×125 ad space (PR 1) at WAHMaholic
1 month 125×125 ad space (PR 1)- Mom Writes for A Cause
1 month 125×125 ad space (PR 1)- Samantha’s Own
1 month 125×125 ad space at Yam’s Files
1 month 125×125 ad space at Walk With Me

Blog Reviews:

3rd prize: $25, 15,000 EC’s, web hosting space, ad spaces, blog review (worth $5)
$5- From Asia and Beyond
$5- RandomWAHMThoughts
$5- My Life’s Perception & Inspiration
$5 – Just About Anything
$5- Make or Break
2000 EC – Just About Anything
2000 EC- FickleMinded
2000 EC – My Crafts Stores Online
2000 EC – My Life’s adventures
2000 EC- Tasty Exploration
2000 EC- FoodTripFriday
2000 EC – Life’s Journey
1 month 125×125 ad space at My Passion
1 month ad space (PR2)- Bitz’n Pieces of My Life
3 months ad space (PR 2) – Rewards Station
2 months text link (PR 2)- All about my Life
125×125 ad space at Make or Break
5 GB web hosting spacehttp://angelic-melody.net/
Blog review- Sassy Chicks World

4th prize: $15, 13,000 EC’s, ad spaces
$5- Life of a Filipina Blogger
$5- Diva Fabulosa
$5- Health and Beauty Diva
2000 EC – The Joy of Life Forever
2000 EC The One Minute Guide
2000 EC- Smart Mommy
2000 EC- Big Love
2000 EC Cornyman’s Blog Reviews
2000 EC Pictures and Cultures
1000 EC – I Blog U CDO
125×125 ad space at Gossip Mom
125×125 ad space (PR 2) at To Be, To Be. Tutubi.
125×125 ad space (PR 2) at Okay Ukay!
125×125 ad space (PR 2) at Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed

5th prize: $5, 11,000 EC’s, ad spaces
$5- Cooking’s Fun
1500 EC- Samantha’s Own
1500 EC- In His Steps
1000 EC – Tasty Exploration
1000 EC – Mother Knows Best
1000 EC – So Much to Tell
1000 EC – More Food Adventures
1000 EC – The Fountain Of Happiness
1000 EC- Momgen Designs
1000 EC- Momgen Garage Store
1000 EC- Blog Fusion
125×125 ad space (PR 2) at Pretty Step Daughters
125×125 ad space (PR ) at Home Buddies
125×125 ad space (PR ) at Thoughts and Obssessions

6th prize: 9,000 EC’s
1000 EC- Gossip Mom
1000 EC – Just the Tip of the Iceberg
1000 EC- Worth’s Road
1000 EC- Empowered Mom
1000 EC- All about my Life
1000 EC- Dorothy’s Vineyard
1000 EC- Inhale…Exhale…
1000 EC- HoneySweet Learning Center
1000 EC- Rose’s Obstacles and Glories

7th prize: 7,000 EC’s
1000 EC- Laine’s Abode
1000 EC- Make or Break
1000 EC- People, Places, Events, Good Food and My Life
1000 EC- My Little Angels
1000 EC- Pretty Step Daughters
1000 EC- Thoughts and Obsessions
1000 EC- Pensive Thoughts

8th prize: 5,000 EC’s
1000 EC- The Story of My Life
1000 EC- The Certified Pinoy Blogger
1000 EC- Makoy’s Snapshot
1000 EC- Makoy’s Musicology
1000 EC- Makoy’s Take on the Arts and The Entertainment

9th prize: 3,500 EC’s
1000 EC- Make Money Online with Makoy
1000 EC- Latest Celebrity Gossip
1000 EC- Momma Wannabe
500 EC- The Fashion Explorer

10th prize: 2,500 EC’s
1000 EC- IVF Journies
1000 EC- His Unfailing Love
500 EC- My Memories and Crystals

Special Prizes:

5 sets of assorted handmade greeting cards- DarlingRose Paper Goods – US & Philippines shipping only

5 sets of assorted handmade greeting cards – Momgen Paper Designs – US & Philippines shipping only

2 pairs of Earrings – Momgen’s Corner – worldwide shipping

Special privilege
:If somebody who join the contest will buy one of Momgen’s Store’s items they can have a free gift…..

Free Blog Makeover worth $15 (for blogger platform only) . Leave a separate comment if you’re interested to win a Free Blog Makeover. Just type “COUNT ME IN FOR FREE BLOG MAKEOVER”.

My Web-blog Designs
Femikey Designs

HOW to join? To make your entry valid please follow the requirements:

1. Blog about this giveaway with the list of the sponsors (with the links) and prizes (simply copy and paste them in your post) . Include in your label/tags: www.genejostory.com, Her and History. Be sure to link back to this post and include on your post the contest button:

2. Subscribe to Her and History and verify. Leave on the comment box the email address that you used.

Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

3. Follow Her and History and leave on the comment box the user name that you used.

4. Put the contest button at your sidebar:

**More entries, more chances of winning so here are other options for you to accomplish to gain more entries!
** It’s a must that you’ll do the requirements first!

1. You can enter all your blogs, provided that there’s only one entry per blog. If you want all your entries to be counted, please leave separate comment for each entry with each post’s link. ( 1 entry per blog).

2. Follow my blogs (please leave a comment on the user name that you use to follow me): 4 entries

Adventures with Hyzyd
Tasty Exploration
Away from Home
Teaching Moments

3. Subscribe to the following blogs and verify. Leave on your comments the email address that you used to subscribe. (4 entries)

Adventures with Hyzyd
Tasty Exploration
Away from Home
Teaching Moments

4. Add the following blogs to your blog roll.(5 entries)

Her and History
Adventures with Hyzyd
Tasty Exploration
The Fashion Explorer
Away from Home
Teaching Moments

5. Follow this twitter @genejosh- 1 entry

6. Twit this giveaway:Win over $100 , over 100,000 ECs, etc @genejosh http://bit.ly/TVZpH1 entry

7. To show support to my major sponsors (those who pledge to sponsor cash, ECs and other services equivalent to $10 and above), you may display text links to your sidebar visible for the duration of the contest. For easy tracking, kindly display them under the title”Historic Blogs“. Just copy and paste the HTML code I provided for you in the text box. (7 entries)

Anak ni Kulapo
Seiko’s Diary
Azumi ★
Just About Anything
Make or Break
Pinay Mommy Online
Life of a Filipina Blogger
Cornyman’s Money Blog
My Web-blog Designs
Femikey Designs
Wonderful Things In Life

HOW to determine the winners? Winners will be selected randomly using Random.org.

When is the announcement of winners? November 10, 2009.

Who can join? This contest is open to all bloggers as well as the sponsors!




  1. hi te gene!

    i wanna join!

    ill be back later to do this!


    gagay, MD

  2. Good luck to all!:D

  3. te gene!

    i got some points already (i guess!) hahah!

    i've been following u in twitter (just retweeted this, actually!); your link are in my blogs (both in walkingnewspaper and in pinoymedicaldoctor)

    ill just do the rest later!

    gagay, MD

  4. @gagay…you have 4 entries..juz inform me if you have been following this blog..Thanks Gagay…

  5. sweet_shelo says:

    Hi sis, your giveaways is really great.. dami prizes and giveaways talaga.. Bongga bongga.. will join it talaga.. be back here..

  6. sweet_shelo says:

    Hi sis, just joined..hehe..

    Here's my blog post:

    I have posted your button on the sidebar too but I don't know why the button is not showing I copied the whole code though.. I have followed this blog too sis and the name i Used is : Shelo

    I have to make other entries pa..

  7. sweet_shelo says:

    added all your blogs in this blog sis..

  8. sweet_shelo says:

    posted the major sponsor links at my sidebar too as "Historic Blogs"

  9. pinkyshelo says:
  10. pinkyshelo says:

    added all your five blogs in this blog sis..

  11. sweet_shelo says:

    sis, followed all your blogs with my username: Shelo

  12. I think i've completed all the requirements…including buttons and links. pls let me know if i miss out on anything. thanks. 🙂

    I'm entering two entries one each for Mom writes for a cause and Yam's Files:

    Here's the post link of the two sites.





    (this is for mom writes for a cause, the first one was for yam's files)…

  15. @ sweet_shelo….Sis you're IN..That's 1 entry plus + 16= 17 entries

    you're pinkyshelo account accumulates 10 entries..Thanks for joining…

  16. @ Yami1…Mom Writes for a Cause is IN for free blog makeover!

    @ Yami2…Tami's Files is in for free blog makeover!

  17. @ Yami Mom Writes for a Cause is IN for the contest sis…you made 22 entries sis! Congrats!

  18. @Yami Yami's File is IN! you garnered 13 entries for this blog….

  19. habol ako next week ha… ang panget ng connection dito sa probinsya eh hehe

  20. Wow gene laki ng mga prizes mo, pwedi sumali rin hehehe.

    Akala ko tapos na contest mo, nagsisimula pa pala.

    Anyway, good luck! Happy Birthday to Hyzyd, ang bilis ng panahon ano, mag 1 year old na si baby hyzyd. Happy Birthday din sa papa mo and Happy 2nd Anniversary woooow daming celebrasyon to celebrate parang fiesta hehehe. Ang bait mo talagang anak, asawa at mommy gene.

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  22. chubskulit says:
  23. Im back here Gene whew! hehehe Im done with nos. 2,3,4,5,6 and 7

    for number 6 here is the tweet link

  24. sis, can you please change the link of my SmartMommy, from http://smart-mommy.blogpsot.com to it's own domain, http://www.smart-mommy.net ,
    Thank you!

  25. @ Shydub..thanks for joining Maam Shydub..you are IN and you just got 23 entries!

  26. @ Willa..i changed the URL na sis…

  27. Thanks for updating my link. 🙂

    and here's my Contest Post. The button is also in my sidebar na, but I want you to know there's something wrong with your code,please check it kasi hindi lumalabas yung image,I have to put the badge manually pa.

  28. Bambie dear ★ says:

    omg omg omg… eto na ang wait kong big contest.. ill be back here to do all the requirements. Nyt!

  29. omgolly…hehehe…bonggacious tong contest nimo sis….

    pwede mo apil akong 2 ka blogs? heheheh…..:)

  30. Congratulations to your contest dear.I'll support your blog contest by displaying your contest button at my side bar.Good luck!!^_^

  31. wow grabe na to….Bongahan na ang contest…Gene pakichange yong earrings shipping world wide….

  32. follow on blogger using sherrygo
    blogged http://catchupgiveaway.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-tons-of-giveaway-from-her-and.html

    banner side bar, links to your blog side bar.

    subscribed using sherrygo at ymail dot com

    let me know if I done it correct 🙂

  33. Meryl (proud pinay) says:

    wow daming sponsors! ang galing naman.anyway, congrats sayo at goodluck sa lahat

  34. christina says:

    Hello! congratulations on your giveaway!

    here's my post:

    Followed all your blogs as Christina

    Subscribed to all of your blogs via [email protected]

    followed at twitter as tinay0723, retweet

    had the button on my sidebar *wink*

    add all your blogs in my blogroll

    and had the major sponsors in my sidebar


    this is really one big contest whoahh!

    I'm glad I'm one of the minor sponsors heehee 🙂

    More Power!

  35. christina says:
  36. @ Sweet_Shelo….sis kelangan ko pala email add mo that you used to subscribe to my feed to validate your entries….:) Thanks

  37. @ Willa….sis I need pala your email address used to subscribe to my feeds to validate your entry…Thanks:)

  38. @ Sherry of http://catchupgiveaway.blogspot.com..You are IN! You have 5 entries!

  39. @ Christina your Pretty Step Daughters (http://prettystepdaughters.blogspot.com/) garnered 23 entries! Congrats and thanks for joining….

  40. @ Sherry..update: instead of 5, it's 6 entries for you!

  41. Bambie dear ★ says:

    OK here i am.. ill try my luck here lol

    1.blogged (http://fabbielous.blogspot.com/2009/10/call-to-celebrate.html)
    2.subscribed ([email protected])
    3.done with all #2 (bambie dear)
    4.done with all #3 ([email protected])
    5.added your 5 blogs on my blogger sites (labambita.com and fabbielous.blogspot.com)
    6.following your twiitr using my both twitter acount (@bambie and @kawaiiprinsesa)
    7.Retweet using @bambie and @kawaiiprinsesa
    8.Supported your precious sponsors in my both blogger sites (labambita.com and fabbielous.blogspot.com)

    wow i had fun accomplishing these entries.. gooydluck

  42. follow you on twitter @sherrygo and tweet

  43. @ Willa..You're IN with 2 entries sis.

  44. @ Bambie…my dear WOW you got the highest no. of entries so far-it's 37! More chances of winning…

  45. @Bambie…my dear it's 25 entries for Labambita.com plus 12 entries for fabbielous.blogspot.com..Thanks for joining!

  46. @ Sherry…Tempo Pink: http://tempopink.blogspot.com earns 1 entry

  47. @Sherry…your blog Sort of Contest is IN! (http://sortofcontest.blogspot.com) plus I add 2 entries for following mt twitter and retweeting…

  48. Miss Jenn says:

    Hello. This is my first time here and I'm glad to found an awesome contest.

    Here are everything I did:

    Blogged at http://spreadthatcontest.blogspot.com/2009/10/call-to-celebrate.html

    I subscribed to http://www.genejostory.com via spreadthatcontest[at]gmail.com,
    as well as to http://www.hyzyd.info, http://jennystastyexploration.blogspot.com, http://www.genefaith.blogspot.com, http://teacherjennysdiary.blogspot.com

    I followed privately to http://www.genejostory.com, my username is Miss Jenn,
    I also followed http://www.hyzyd.info, http://jennystastyexploration.blogspot.com, http://www.genefaith.blogspot.com, http://teacherjennysdiary.blogspot.com

    Added to my blogroll these links: http://www.genejostory.com, http://www.hyzyd.info, http://jennystastyexploration.blogspot.com, http://www.fashionexplorer.net, http://www.genefaith.blogspot.com, http://teacherjennysdiary.blogspot.com

    I followed @genejosh at twitter via @littlemissjhen.

    Also added the major sponsors list on my sidebar.

    Count me in for free blog makeover please. 🙂

    So there, I hope I have enough luck to be picked. And I'm excited cos my birthday is 2 days away the announcement of winners. In case I win, that would really be a great gift. Whoa!

  49. @ Miss Jenn of Spread the Contest(http://spreadthatcontest.blogspot.com) …thanks for joining..You have 22 entries! Wow i hope you'll have the greatest gift on your birthday:)


  51. melandria says:

    Just joined your contest;

    A: made a blog about it: http://melandriaromero.blogspot.com/2009/10/her-and-historys-life-and-love-contest.html
    B:subscribed via e-mail
    c: follow your site
    D:put your contest logo in my sidebar

    E: Followed all the four blogs sites you mentioned

    F:Added all the five blogs on my blog roll

    G: Subscribed on all of the four blogs: melandriaromero.gmail.com

    H: Displayed all the text links in my sidebar.


    Thank you so much and congratulations again. Hope you can also add me to your friends list.


  53. blogged http://wishingher.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-tons-of-giveawayher-and-historys.html

    banner side bar, added the historic blogs side bar

  54. banner side bar, blogged http://lastchance-sherry.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-tons-of-giveawayher-and-historys.html

    historic blogs side bar 🙂

  55. blogged http://joyfultearyzone.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-tons-of-giveawayher-and-historys.html

    banner side bar, added historic blogs 🙂

  56. blogged http://somefinaltots.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-tons-of-giveawayher-and-historys.html

    banner side bar, historic blog added side bar 🙂

  57. blogged http://holycrapsherry.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-tons-of-giveawayher-and-historys.html

    banner side bar,historic blog side bar 🙂

  58. c'eSt la vie says:
  59. Princess Sarah says:

    I just joined today, hehehe! exciting! I will just send offline message in your ym, kasi daming email ad

    My Blog entry:

  60. Princess Sarah says:

    whewwwwww!!! It's a great time for me, first time I stayed longer on the laptop, huhhuhu but it's fun.

    I did 1,2,3,4
    Subscribe to all your blogs – i will send the emails on your ym
    Follow your blogs
    Add your blogs to my blogroll
    Put major sponsors on my blog

    at http://mymemoriesandcrystals.blogspot.com


  61. Princess Sarah says:

    Hi I'm here again, hehehe! I joined the other one, ehehehe!

    I did 1,2,3,4 and posted all the major sponsors in my blog
    subscribe, and follow…


  62. @ Melandria of My Journey to Life (http://melandriaromero.blogspot.com)…you earned 21 entries..THanks for joining!:)

  63. @ Melandria of My Journey to Life (http://melandriaromero.blogspot.com)..YOU ARE IN FOR FREE BLOG MAKEOVER!

  64. now follow
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Tasty Exploration
    Away from Home
    Teaching Moments

    as sherrygo 🙂

  65. redamethyst says:
  66. redamethyst says:

    Count me in for free blog makeover

  67. redamethyst says:
  68. redamethyst says:

    button at my sidebar

  69. redamethyst says:

    Followed all blogs using redmethyst
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Tasty Exploration
    Away from Home
    Teaching Moments

  70. redamethyst says:

    all these in my blog roll

    Her and History
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Tasty Exploration
    The Fashion Explorer
    Away from Home
    Teaching Moments

  71. redamethyst says:

    text links on the sidebar
    at http://redismarose.blogspot.com

  72. twitted

    followed using

    posted the links on my sidebar:

  73. added your 5 blogs in my blogroll poh 🙂

    Her and History
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Tasty Exploration
    The Fashion Explorer
    Away from Home
    Teaching Moments


  74. @ Sherry of Sort of Contest (http://sortofcontest.blogspot.com)..You're IN for FREE BLOG MAKEOVER!

  75. @ Sherry …for following my blogs I'll add 4 entries for your blog Catch Up Giveaway (http://catchupgiveaway.blogspot.com)

  76. @ Sherry of My Flexible blog ( http://keepstryingsher.blogspot.com) is IN!

  77. @ Sherry of Blog Sher Interest (http://blogsherinterest.blogspot.com) is IN!

  78. @ Sherry of My Mom's Best (http://www.mymomsbest.us) is IN!

  79. @ Sherry of Things I do (http://thingsidohere.blogspot.com) is IN!

  80. @ Sherry of Shopping…plus more (http://where2shop.blogspot.com)is IN!

  81. @ Sherry of One beloved blog(http://qsher.blogspot.com)is IN!

  82. @ She Loves Contest http://sherlovecontest.blogspot.com)is IN!

  83. @ Sherry of Hotels for All (http://hotelsforall.blogspot.com) is IN!

  84. @ Sherry of Wishing Her(http://wishingher.blogspot.com) has 8 entries!

  85. @ Sherry of Last Chance(http://lastchance-sherry.blogspot.com) has 8 entries!

  86. @ c'eSt la vie of Crossroads (http://markg87.net/) thanks for joining..please verify your subscription to validate your entry:) Thanks…

  87. hello!

    im joining your contest na 😀

    http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/10/call-for-celebration-by-her-and-history.html is my post

    the button is at my sidebar already

    i followed you here as Chris
    i subscribed here as amador dot christine at gmail dot com

    i followed you on the following sites as well.. my username is Chris
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Tasty Exploration
    Away from Home
    Teaching Moments

    i tweeted your message at http://twitter.com/ChristineAmador

    i am following you at twitter

    i added the link and put it on http://mommyjourney.com sidebar under historic links

  88. @ Ate Sarah you're Memories and Crystals (http://mymemoriesandcrystals.blogspot.com) will have 22 entries after you'll verify your subscription and add my links to your bloglists..thanks…

  89. @ Sherry of Joyful Teary Zone Chance(http://joyfultearyzone.blogspot.com) has 8 entries!

    @ Sherry of Some Final Thoughts(http:http://somefinaltots.blogspot.com) has 8 entries!

    @ Sherry of HolyCrap Sherry(http://holycrapsherry.blogspot.com) has 8 entries!

  90. @ Ate Sarah of His Unfailing Love (http://sarahg26.blogspot.com/) has 8 entries!

  91. Couple's Love Book says:

    juts join the contest! Here is my entry:


  92. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:
  93. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:
  94. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:
  95. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:

    posted your contest button at http://www.pinayinstates.us

  96. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:
  97. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:

    posted your blog button at http://www.gardenofmoments.com

  98. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:
  99. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:
  100. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:

    posted ur button at http://www.masipagwapa.net

  101. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:
  102. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:

    put up the button at http://www.joshandme.com

    congratulations on your giveaway contest!

  103. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:
  104. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:

    followed you on twitter too using pinaymama username

  105. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:

    followed you on blogger with pinaymama username

  106. My Li'l Princess Diary says:

    HI Gene!

    I blogged about this and did the major requiremnts na numbers 1-4.. you can find my post here..


    I'll do the rest later to gain additional entries..

    Congrats ha, you're contest is a huge success..imagine ang daming prizess and contestants..:)

    All the best!

  107. ჊ pinaymama ჊ says:


  108. @ redamethyst of Simple pero R1ock (http://redismarose.blogspot.com/) is IN with 12 entries!

    @ redamethyst: YOU'RE IN BLOG MAKE_OVER!

    @ Redamethyst of Earn Money with Red (http://redamethyst.blogspot.com) is IN!

  109. @ Geneve of Chicdoll.info (http://chicdoll.info/)..thanks for joining and you have 23 entries!

  110. Hii genejostory, i wanna participate but there is some point confuse me.

    For "listing a sponsor" requirement, should i make a link to the sponsor site or only text is an enough?

    If it's link, is there any instant code can be copied? Since if i make it manually, it will take too long time.

    Thanks 😀

  111. ate gene!

    whew! sorry for the delay of my post! 🙂

    anyway, here's my blog entry; followed your blog (in google, my account is walkingnewspaper and in twitter is @yagag); i owso subscribed your feeds (youridealgirl[at]yahoo[dot]com); added your five blogs in my main and medical blogs; i just RTed your blog post; i owso displayed the links of Historic Blogs in my main and medical blogs.

    Kindly ping me te gene if there's probs. gracias! God Bless and goodluck!


  112. ate gene!

    whew! sorry for the delay of my post! 🙂

    anyway, here's my blog entry; followed your blog (in google, my account is walkingnewspaper and in twitter is @yagag); i owso subscribed your feeds (youridealgirl[at]yahoo[dot]com); added your five blogs in my main and medical blogs; i just RTed your blog post; i owso displayed the links of Historic Blogs in my main and medical blogs.

    Kindly ping me te gene if there's probs. gracias! God Bless and goodluck!


  113. i forgot te, i also put the contest's badge on my blogs' sidebar. 🙂

  114. Princess Sarah says:

    ok na ang nasa side bar, thanks ha, I will try to check kon ano pa ang na missed sa

    http://sarahg26.blogspot.com na entry

    ang nasa feedburner na delete ko ang iba…di ko alam. I will do it again

  115. i LűV ContEsts aNd MoRe!! says:
  116. (1) Blogged about it here : http://www.etc-atbp.com/2009/10/her-history-a-call-to-celebrate/
    (2) Followed your blog using mitchteryosa (Google)
    (3) Subscribed using mitchteryosa(at)gmail(dot)com
    (4) Please see contest badge on my sidebar.

  117. The Contest Geek says:
  118. Hi! i have additional entry:

    I've added your blogs in my Blogroll (Buddies)

    thanks! 🙂

  119. Hi! i have additional entries:

    I've added your blogs in my Blogroll (Buddies)

    thanks! 🙂

  120. Here's what I did so far:

    Blogged about it at RandomWAHMThoughts: http://randomwahmthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-look-contest-to-boot.html

    Followed GeneJoStory as kAyE

    Put contest button at RandomWAHMThoughts sidebar

    Followed genejosh at Twitter (a long time ago. hee hee)

    Tweeted about the contest: http://twitter.com/wahmaholic/status/4834806835

    Put the major sponsor's link on my sidebar at RandomWAHMThoughts

    Followed all your blogs as kAyE

    Subscribed to all your blogs using email kaye(at)wahmaholic.com

    Added all your blogs to my blogroll

    whew. did i miss anything? 😀

  121. I blog about it i just forgot hehehh to come back here:http://www.kwarta4me.biz/2009/10/host-her-and-history-contest-post-win.html

  122. @ Chris of Mommy Journey (http://www.mommyjourney.com) has 14 entries!

  123. @ Pinaymama..THanks for joining!

    Pinaymama of Pinay in States -3 entries

    Garden of Moments (http://www.gardenofmoments.com/) is IN!

    A Momma's Journal (http://www.joshandme.com) is IN!

    Shopaholic's Chronicles (http://www.masipagwapa.net/) is IN!

    Life's Expressions (http://thefishgate.blogspot.com) is IN!

  124. Lalaine of Trying to be Fit (http://www.tryingtobefit.com) , you're IN!

  125. @ Akirao7 hope you received my reply to your site…just copy and paste:)

  126. @ Elvz of I luv Giveaways! (http://iluvgiveaways.blogspot.com), you have 17 entries! Thanks for joining:)

  127. @ Mitch be back to you later coz the page won't load…

  128. @ kaye of Random Wahm Thoughts (http://randomwahmthoughts.blogspot.com) sis you got 23 entries! Thanks for joining!

  129. Isasali ko po itong contest blog ko para madagdagan entry ko!=]]


    nalagay ko narin po yung mga sponsors sa sidebar sa


  130. followed you din po sa twitter sa isa ko pang acc


  131. @ Mitch of etcetera atbp (http://www.etc-atbp.com) you're IN!

    @ Contest Geek (http://www.thecontestgeek.com) you have 9 entries!

  132. @ Geneve of Contest Luv'in (http://contest-luvin.blogspot.com) additional 9 entries for you!

  133. @ Pinaymama YOU'RE IN FOR BLOG MAKEOVER!

  134. Pinaymama says:

    ok lang sis, take your time!
    Anyway, sis, the entry for thsi blog honeybabybee.bravejournal is deleted because I transfer this blog to a blogger account. So not countable….

    But, I blogged about your contest here too:


  135. Pinaymama says:

    posted your banner too at http://coupleslovebook.blogspot.com

  136. Pinaymama says:

    added your blogs:

    Her and History
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Tasty Exploration
    The Fashion Explorer
    Away from Home
    Teaching Moments

    to http://coupleslovebook.blogspot.com

  137. Wow sis congrats! You have lots of big prizes here, for sure I'll be joining soon.

  138. hello! nice contest 🙂 here are my entries:

    subscribed using: phinkness[at]gmail.com
    – Her and History
    – Adventures with Hyzyd
    – Tasty Exploration
    – Away from Home
    – Teaching Moments

    followed using: busy girl
    – Her and History
    – Adventures with Hyzyd
    – Tasty Exploration
    – Away from Home
    – Teaching Moments

    blog post:

    contest banner:

    linked (all 5 blogs) in:

    followed on twitter using: @contestl0ve
    tweeted: http://twitter.com/contestl0ve/status/5062035576

    linked (all sponsors) in:

  139. I Heart Contest says:

    Done the following:

    1.) Blogged your contest here: http://i-heart-contest.com/2009/10/win-tons-of-giveaways

    2.) Subscribed using this email: iheartcontest[at]gmail[dot]com

    3.) Followed the ff blogs (Her and History, Adventures with Hyzyd, Tasty Exploration, Away from Home, Teaching Moment) using this user/email: iheartcontest[at]gmail[dot]com

    – blogger profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/08876427776235945086

    4.) Already placed the contest button in my site (bottom portion of the site)

    5.) Followed you on Twitter using this user: iheartcontest

    6.) Twitted here: http://www.twitter.com/iheartcontest/status/5234501477

    I guess that's all for now. Thanks and good luck to all participants! 🙂

  140. Maligayang doble at bonggang kaarawan kapatid! Happy Anniversary na rin!

    'twas nice to drop by.

    God Bless!

  141. SongDiary says:

    done, except those twitter-related. email add used: guiguilonencoop[at]gmail[dot]com.

    salamat kapatid at maligayang kaarawan sa iyong loved ones and masayang pagsasama to you both. GB

  142. @Kenneth of http://just-contest.blogspot.com/- 17 entries for you

  143. @ Janelle of http://contest-love.info- 20 entries
    Janelle of http://ibp-tester.blogspot.com- 13 entries
    Janelle of http://janelleski.blogspot.com- 13 entries
    Janelle of http://janelleski0025.blogspot.com- 13 entries

  144. I heart Contest (http://i-heart-contest.com)- 6 entries for you

  145. Yashiro (http://yashirokuru.blogspot.com)- 9 entries for you

  146. @ Song Diary (http://favesongdiary.blogspot.com/) you have 20 entries

  147. Hi sis, I just joined your contest. Here's my entry:


    You can also see the button at the side bar at my blog. ; )

  148. Hi,


  149. And here is another one form my tech blog:


  150. and another one marce in http://www.pehpot.com

    it will be up first thing tomorrow morning 🙂

    That's 3 blog posts ha


  151. I am following Her and History as PEHPOT Marce

    shucks at ngayon ko lang nalaman na di pa pala kita na follow.. waaah

  152. done adding your badge to the sidebar of http://www.pehpot.com

  153. done posting the badge in the sidebar of http://pehpot.blogspot.com/

  154. done posting the badge on http://www.techpehpot.com/

  155. done putting the historic blog list on the side bar of http://pehpot.blogspot.com/

  156. done putting the historic blog list on the side bar of http://www.techpehpot.com/

  157. done adding the historic blog on http://www.pehpot.com/

  158. been following
    Adventures with Hyzyd

    does it count?

  159. Now following Tasty Exploration as PEHPOT

  160. Now following Away From Home as PEHPOT

  161. now following teaching Moments as Pehpot

  162. done subscribing to Adventures with Hyzyd

  163. Done subscribing to Tasty Exploration

  164. Done subscribing to Away from Home

  165. Done subscribing to Teaching Moments

  166. ay MArCE I used peh_cats to subscribe to all your blogs 🙂

  167. been following you on twitter as PEHPOT marce, counted ba?

  168. done twitting about the contest 🙂

  169. Ms. Marie says:
  170. I blog about your giveaways with sponsors here http://productreviewsvonmir.blogspot.com/

  171. I subscribe with the email reprost[@]gmail[.]com

  172. Following this blog under blogger.

  173. Your giveaway widget is in my side bar.

  174. Following your 4 other blogs on #2 for extra entrees under the name "Kcirnede".

  175. You 5 blogs on extra entree #4 is added on my blogroll, you will find it on my side bar.

  176. I added the #7 text links (extra entrees) on my side with the title "Historic Blogs".

  177. I subscribe to your other 4 blogs under #3 with the email reprost[@]gmail[.]com. I think my total is 21…:))tama ba?

    I just notice, do I have to leave comments for each blog I follow? I left comments for each number entree kasi (like #1, #2 and so on). Let me know para makahabol…:))

    Thanks, plenty.

  178. hello mommy gene! habol ako ha. pasencya na ngayon pa naka sali. na busy kase ang lola mo. here's my blog post about the contest: http://www.kikamzpera.com/2009/11/contest-to-celebrate.html. hugs!

  179. i also placed the contest on my sidebar at Just About Anything.

  180. followed this blog as kikamz

  181. placed the contest button on my sidebar.

  182. just followed Adventures with Hyzyd blog as kikamz

  183. Just followed Tasty Exploration blog as kikamz

  184. Just followed Away from Home blog as kikamz

  185. Just followed Teaching Moments blog as kikamz

  186. done placing the links of the sponsors on my sidebar as HISTORIC BLOGS

  187. followed you on twitter as @anak0430

  188. just twitted about the contest dear gene

  189. done adding all your five blogs to my blogroll:
    Her and History
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Tasty Exploration
    The Fashion Explorer
    Away from Home
    Teaching Moments

  190. Hello mommy gene, also blogged about the contest at samantha's own: http://syppera.blogspot.com/2009/11/her-and-historys-grand-contest.html

  191. followed all your blogger.com blogs:

    Her and History
    Adventures with Hyzyd
    Tasty Exploration
    Away from Home
    Teaching Moments

    as Samantha Ysabelle

  192. also did the following:

    1. added all your 6 blogs to Samantha's Own blogroll now on PR3)
    2. placed the contest button at Samantha's Own's sidebar
    3. Placed the sponsor links under Historic Blogs at Samantha's Own sidebar

  193. Ms. Marie says:

    hi. also, count me in for the blog makeover!

  194. followed all your blogs {adads is my username}
    followed you in twitter [adadsss is my username]
    tweet the thing

  195. hello mommy gene, did you receive my comments. i hope pasok pa ako sa contest mo. hugs to you. kisses to hyzyd. mwah!

  196. Tricia (ProudMommy) says:

    I am joining po and here are my entries

    -subscribed using the email triciamgalvez(@)gmail.com

    – badge is now placed on my sidebar…www.triciamgalvez.com

    – followed using the username Tricia Mazo Galvez and subscribed using the email address triciamgalvez (@)gmail.com to your 4 blogs

    *Adventures with Hyzyd
    *Tasty Exploration
    *Away from Home
    *Teaching Moments

    – Added your 6 blogs on my blogroll which is located on my sidebar

    – followed genejosh at twitter…my twitter username is ProudMomsTweets

    – added the HISTORIC BLOGROLL on my sidebar

    – twitted the contest also

    – here's my blog post url about the contest
    with the following tags…www.genejostory.com, Her and History


    Good luck to all the participants and more power to this blog!

  197. Tricia (ProudMommy) says:

    I forgot to say to please COUNT ME IN FOR BLOGMAKEOVER

  198. sis, heto na entry ko…tinatamad na akong mag post sa ibang sites ko…come what may nalang….hehheheh

    here's mine:


    God Bless!

  199. Iris Pulga says:
  200. My Blogs are joining:

    1st Entry: http://learn-earn-for-livin.blogspot.com/2009/11/her-and-historys-life-and-love-tons-of.html- 1 entry

    -follow this blog Her and History
    -subscribed using- suit_me at yahoo dot com
    -banner placed on my sidebar

    Follow ur 4 blogs- 4 entries
    follow u on twitter as dhurianne- 1 entry
    added the major sponsors- 7 entries

  201. My other blog is joining:

    2nd entry- http://dcontest.blogspot.com/2009/11/her-and-history-contest.html – 1 entry

    -banner on my sidebar
    -subscribed as smallbizko at yahoo dot com
    -follow Her and History as ContestLover

    added the Major Sponsors- 7 entries
    added your 4 blogs on my blogroll- 5 entries

  202. I follow you as Hopeful

    and my other blog as contestlover

    Please let me know if my entries are qualified.


  203. Ello sis I'm very sorry for the hassles, I changed my suit_me at yahoo dot com to ddjovelen at yahoo dot com because I'm having problem signing today on it. I don't know why, I need to settle this first.

    Have a great day!

  204. I just want to know if I am qualified or not.


  205. @ Jeng : You're IN as well as for the free blog make-over

    @ Pehpot: Marce, thanks for joining . You have 34 entries! Congrats. I appreciate your support with my first contest. I'm praying for your safe delivery of Sati.

    @ Ms. Marie: You have 21 entries and you're IN for free blog make-over

    @ Kcirnede: Thanks for helping me on counting your entries. You're absolutely right! 21 entries for you.

    @ Yashiro: I'll add 32 more entries for you! super dami na entries mo and you have more chance of winning

    @ Kikamz: Sis thanks for joining. You have 23 entries and another 18 entries from Samantha's Own

    @adadss: Thanks for joining! 7 entries for you.

    @ Tricia (ProudMommy): Thanks for joining, 30 entries for you!

    @ Phebie: sis thanks for joining! It's a great support from you:)

    @ Iris Pulga:thanks for joining. 10 entries for you:)

    @ Hopeful: sis hope you receive my comment. Yes you're qualified and earned 26 entries!

  206. Ay thanks God nkhabol pa ako. Thanks for informing me sis. Sana manalo ako.

    I just want to say good luck to all the participants.

    God Bless All!

  207. I'd like to join this contest but I guess it already ended.

  208. keylogger says:

    Thank you for the great post

  209. keylogger says:

    Thanks for sharing and keep the good work up.


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