Plans for our future house

Recently, I’ve shared to you that finally we’re moving (again!) to a house which has cheaper rental fee but looks more decent than the current house we’re renting. The first time we took a look of the house, we fell in love with it. The outer feature looks inviting already. On the side of the house, there’s a big space for garden. It would be suitable for my hubby’s plants and orchids. Hubby laid out his plans with me that he’s going to turn the vacant lot into a flower garden. Isn’t it a fabulous idea? At the backyard, there are mango tree and tambis or water apple tree which are both bearing fruits. They provide shade in the backyard. It’s a very ideal place for an afternoon nap, meditation and even grilling/barbecuing with families! We could also host supper out there under a starry, starry night. What do you think? Maybe we’ll install an outdoor lighting , something that looks like the Hinkley lighting fixtures I’ve seen online and something that will meet all of our decorative lighting needs.

Tomorrow, we gonna check the inside features of the house . I hope it meets our expectation as it meets our expectation for its location and surroundings.

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  1. Hi marce. lilipat kayo ulit? kakapagod noh, pero kung mas maganda naman ang lilipatan, its all worth the effort of transferring. musta ka na? Hindi ako masyadong nakaka-bloghop lately. 🙂

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