If Tyra can do it, why can’t I?

Right: Tyra in 2007 Left: Tyra in 2009
Photo credit : http://www.dailymail.co.uk
I used to watch America’s Next Top Model when I was still pregnant in year 2008. Tyra Banks isn’t as skinny as before. I think she gained about 30lb with her usual weight and ballooned to a size 14-16.As a model, the alteration of her figure was noticed by everybody. But still she’s sexy and still carries herself with much confidence even she had faced an onslaught of international criticism, being branded Tyra Pork Chop and headlines that said ‘America’s Next Top Waddle’, when she was famously pictured in 2007 looking heavier than normal in an unflattering swimsuit on holiday.

Last night, I watched at Youtube the latest cycle of ANTM and I can’t help noticing that she Tyra really slimmed down! The America’s Next Top Model host has slimmed down from a size 14-16! I really dug out her secret on what she did to get back her slim body. I’m thinking that she took some slimming pills like clinicallix or fat burners like lipozene but she never mentioned any of that. She just chucked out the bacon bits and ice cream for a healthier diet and rigorous workout regime and voila, look at her now! She’s slimmer and more confident than ever! She’s an inspiration! If she can do it, why can’t I?…he..he…

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