Back on surfing!

We got back our internet connection last Monday after 2 months and 17 days of waiting. But still I don’t have all the time on earth to blog…but usually I spent it on surfing the net. Once I’m in front of our PC, I’m having trouble focusing on my main work like making grades and writing pending tasks (Oh my, my entry about Texas Maritime lawyers will be due today!)because I’m having fun reading other engaging blogs, reading my friends update on FB (though I seldom leave comments and updating my status), scanning photos, clicking on web links with interesting headlines. Hmmmm, surfing the net can be fun and sometimes it can be a tremendous waste of time for me.

It’s 5:00 am already time to prepare for school. See yah!

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  1. wow two months and you still have opps? nice! =) welcome back marce!

  2. hi gene ! because you are such a fab mommy and blogger, i have awarded you with the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! drop by my blog to pick up the badge when you have time, okay?!

    here’s the direct link:

    really looking forward to reading more posts from you. Godspeed! 🙂

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