Blogging brings lots of knowledge to me

I blogged for almost two years already and it truly brings lots of knowledge to me.I could already share some tips to make money online. I started to get aware of all the small to big things present on the internet. Also blogging teach me to use internet resources effectively.
One time, I was asked to write about vertical doors. Aren’t all doors stand vertically? I asked myself ignorantly. If I’m not familiar with a specific subject assigned to me I do my own research. I won’t write about the topic unless I have an inkling about it. Why would I pretend to be knowledgeable about a certain subject even if I’m not? So thanks to blogging that I was led to understand vertical doors . They refer to automobile doors that rotate vertically at a fixed hinge at the front of the door, rather than outwardly as with a conventional door. Vertical doors are also known as scissor doors , beetle-wing doors, jack-knife doors, switchblade doors, Lamborghini doors,and Lambo doors.

Here in Thailand, I already saw few cars with vertical doors near the eat-all-you-can restaurant we used to dine. I’ve heard from my brother that vertical doors can be custom-made and door installations is like 2000 bucks roughly. It’s not that bad if you’ve got a good paying job (which I’m not). But I’ve heard that true car enthusiasts that care about performance over look will use that $2,000.00 and put it to something more useful. For $2,000.00 that’s already a good Cyl-Head job or a good suspension. That’s where they’d put their money.

Paris Hilton and her sassy vertical doors car (photo:

Vertical door kits are the new image creating tools revving up car lovers all over the world. If you and your wheels need a celebrity style (like Paris Hilton) make-over, opt for one of the snazzy transformation kits – that is if you can get your hands on one.

If ever we’ll have our car, would I use vertical doors? I will still prefer the conventional door. The manufacture cost of the door hinge can be more than that of a conventional door. In the event of a rollover, emergency egress may be more difficult than with conventional doors, if not impossible.I won’t feel comfortable with vertical doors, it will surely draw too much attention to me.

You see, blogging helps me get acquainted with vertical doors.

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  1. hey gene! pareho tayo…i learn soooo many things just by blogging. and you know what? i even know MORE than my hubby when it comes to blogging…even he says so! i know it's probably because i'm home all the time while he is at work naman all the time. kaya i have more time to spare and learn stuff. hurray to blogging! hurray for mom bloggers like us!

  2. same here! i learned a lot about innovations in technology and even current events..

  3. His Unfailing Love says:

    Aha! Lots of knowledge and earnings too, lol! I'm here sa Hatyai, hope to see you all before I left on the 29th next week na….

  4. @ Mama Mia…me too sabi ni hubby I learned a lot in my blogging than him. I even convinced him to start his own blog..he refused..ayaw daw nyang may kakompentensya ako sa computer..LOL!

  5. @Kim…that's correct sis…blogging make us more aware of our world and we became keen observers 🙂

  6. @Ate Sarah…yes ate learning while earning or earning while learning atong blogging ani…see you soon..i thought December ka pa uuwi:(

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