Busy as bees in the campus

Last year was my first year teaching kindergarten. I was a grade school teacher here in our school for the past 2 years but when the administration decided to try out English program in Kinder 1, they promoted me here. LOL! I thought I couldn’t make it but to God be the glory that it was a success and English program for Kinder 1 is continued this year with more learners. One thing I like about being assigned in Kindergarten department is that we have Thai teacher partners to take care order and management inside the classroom plus we don’t need to make grades. But not this year. We were asked to make grades and report cards! It’s really a big work if you’re handling thousands of students. It really takes time to make grades, I tell you. Thanks to my co-teacher who’s good in Microsoft excel where I’ll just tally the students grade and voila total points and average grades were computed automatically. It’s still a long way to go before I’ll be able to finish filling up the report cards.

By the way, the school’s semester will end next week. So everybody are busy as a bee. I wonder if I could even blog? Students will be taking their final exams, teachers will be busy checking test papers, finalizing grades, submitting report cards, drafting lesson plans for next semester and printing worksheets for our English camp that will commence on October 4. I saw our school registrar distributing promotional products like pens, umbrellas and key chains to the parents and visiting students to promote our school. We’ll expect more students this coming semester or the next school year.

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