Putting back the sparkles in my eyes!

Now that I’m not getting any younger, I try to get enough sleep each night (between six and seven) to minimize shadows and puffiness on my eye zone area. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then I want mine to be wide open and sparkling especially when I’m in front of my little learners. I started using gentle eye cream (from Oriflame) that contains vitamin K and the natural skin-lighteners kojic acid and licorice extract to erase sleepy-looking circles and early morning puffiness (especially during times that I’m fatigued and slept late). What I’m using may not be the best under eye cream but it helps minimize shadows and puffiness. Dark circles are minimized, eyes appear rested and fresher.

How about you? Do you use under eye cream? I would love to hear from you. Your experiences can help me better determine which eye cream works and which doesn’t.

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  1. cge dw ako pod ! kulang jud ko ug tulog hehehehe! cge mata2 ug gabii!

  2. Siguro it's time na rin for me to use under eye cream–masyadong halata ang dark circles ko(T_T)

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