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Just wondering tonight of when could I ever write a post without that feeling of being chased of time? I limit myself to blog for an hour, two at most so I’m always cramming- checking emails (1293 unread inbox messages…I don’t even get the chance to delete those mails that I don’t need!), checking facebook, doing writing tasks (if I get assignment),reading blogs, leaving comments (if have time), staring blankly on the monitor and time is up already!

I love writing away my thoughts but writing doesn’t come to me easily. Do you know that lately I’m almost convinced that I don’t have the knack of a blogger? If I’m truly a blogger, wouldn’t I be more creative in my writing? I couldn’t even attest that I’m making even one quality content that will make a reader come back to my blog! Wait, I’m expecting readers? At first, I’m not . “Who would love to read a blog whose written by an ordinary teacher?”, I told myself. I don’t have a glamorous life to boast about and no fantabulous experiences that worth sharing. But when I read the blogs of ordinary people like me who simply shared their life experiences , I learned something. Writing with complete honesty , no pretensions and bringing their personality in writing make a blogger’s post unique , authentic and genuine. I like that!

Like I told you, I always on the cramming-mode that I usually publish my content without spending more time on editing and proofreading it. I know it’s not a good practice. My bad! Is it because I have made up my mind that my post won’t be a hit and the content is lame? If that’s what I think about my work, how could I convince you to read on, right?

I have some issue with my confidence in writing. I envy (in a righteous way) those bloggers who posted on their FB account the links of their newly published articles. I seldom do that. Why? I’m not yet confident with my writing ability (maybe a residue of the negative feedback I received from my TESOL teacher) . I wonder when could I ever create a post that will make someone to begin thinking more deeply about whatever I’ve written? Wishful thinking…:ha?:

Hey, I’ve been told that if you’ve been short on a creative idea (just like me now) , just put your feet up and lie down. I probably need that folks because it’s already breaking dawn. Do you know that being a couch potato is great for boosting our brain and creativity? There’s a research that finds that we are smarter and more creative lying down than standing up (how about sitting down?) It seems less of the neurotransmitter noradrenaline is released to the brain when you’re horizontal, so you’re creative thinking isn’t impaired.

Okay good night friends. I need to sharpen my brain with a good lie down.

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