Where’s Hyzyd?

We were shopping at Tops Supermarket with Hyzyd, of course and it’s quite stressful having to go shopping with a toddler who just wants to explore. I want to get things done and have a look at things while Hyzyd wants to see how far away he can get from me or just check out what the shops have to offer – toy cars and free grapes for testing!

Hyzyd who will be turning 2 loves to get out and discover. As soon as we got to our destination, he wanted to get out and run. This made it difficult to do anything as he needed to be watched closely. I just picked a loaf bread and when I turned around, Hyzyd is nowhere to be found! I panicked and asked the security guard in my crooked Thai that I lost my baby. The security guard found him at the fruit section munching on his favorite grapes! He just gleefully screamed when he saw me and ran teasingly for me to catch him. It didn’t worry him a bit. He loved his adventures. This incident freaked me out. It reminds me of a true story I read on Reader’s Digest that they lost their 4-year old son in the mall and they never find him. God forbid!

Losing Hyzyd for just a moment created real anxiety on me. So, the notion of tagging my kid with a little gps tracker gadget before heading to the mall or park is very tempting. Do you know any GPS device that is suited for a 2-year-old toddler? A GPS kids devices that can be worn as a watch isn’t good for Hyzyd. He doesn’t want anything attached to his wrist. He couldn’t yet determine when or where to press a panic button to alert us. I’m ok with those devices that can be activated by the parents with a phone call or text message to the device, which will the “answer” with the exact location of the device. But these gps devices will not be needed if I’ll shop with hubby-I’ll focus on shopping while hubby look for Hyzyd. Now that’s division of labor and lovesengihnampakgigi.

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  1. cool. so you're dealing with the terrible two stage.good luck hihhihi. the gps idea was sort of cool and techy and it save your worries pa.. soon when I have my own Hyzyd sana available na yang gps for kids here at the Phil..hehehe

    btw I've got something for you at my corner.. 🙂

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