10 Reasons why I love our place

After the flood, my co-teachers asked me if I had plans to move since our place is one of the areas that is badly damaged and where water is so high. My answer is no. Why? Because of the following reasons:

1. the rental fee is cheaper compared to other apartments. WE couldn’t find another apartment with two rooms and two bathrooms , spacious backyard and garage that cost as cheap as ours.
2. kind landladies. They treat us like their children.
3. free cable TV connection (though its service is inferior compared to Bell Télé – Canada’s leading digital TV provider with the best HD service, the most HD channels and the latest blockbusters On Demand)
4. quiet neighborhood
5. we got Filipino friends nearby
6. it’s near to Hyzyd’s babysitter’s place
7. we got a wet market nearby
8. flood doesn’t hit this place every year
8. we got space for hubby’s plants and orchids
10. we felt at home

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