Beautiful Christmas (with a dash of wildness and a bit of craziness) with my girl friends!

My girl friends and I planned last October that we’ll have a retro-themed Christmas party but it was not push through for some reasons . Last Christmas eve we met and noticed that we still have a theme for our party- sexy sleepwear theme…LOL! Here we are:
I’m just exaggerating on the sleepwear thing but I just came up with that idea because of the mattress we prepared . My girlfriends were planning to sleep over in the house and the event is closest to a pajama party. Whadyathink?

We spend our Christmas with so much glee as we played, chat and laugh around. We felt blessed amidst the meager food that we had (at least no one was slaved in the kitchen while everyone else enjoys a glass of red wine and cake). With so much joy in our heart the evening was celebrated like a festive feast . Even for a night we treasured the Christmas break from the usual chaos.

Can you believe that at that night we’re brought back to our childhood years as we played luksong-tinik (Jump over Thorns) ? We felt so much younger as we played the crazy stunts of carrying a piece of straw between our pouted mouth and nose, inserting it into a small slot, taking it back and passing it to one another?

In Luksong Tinik (Jump over Thorns), the players are divided into two equal teams. Two players are chosen as mothers of the teams. The rest of the players are children. The mothers are supposed to be high jumpers, for the object of the game is for players to able to jump the height of the hands placed one on top of the other without touching them.

The first to jump will be decided by the mothers, who toss a slipper or wooden shoe. The mother who wins the toss will have the first jump, and the other team players will be the taya (on base).

Two players on the base will sit facing each other with their right feet touching. The jumpers jump over the feet. Then one hand is placed above the feet with palms and fingers open, then another, and so on until all the fingers are piled one on top of the other. Before an additional hand is placed all the players must have jumped over the file. Oftentimes, the hand of another player is placed at the gap to prevent the jumpers from jumping over it. Sometimes, five hands are used and a fourth player is called upon to fill the file of the hands.

When the jumpers jump over the hands without touching the hands with any part of their body, or dress, the game is repeated and they will be the jumpers again. If the mother’s “children” (rest of the team) touch the hands while jumping over them, its is considered a “fault” (an error), and the mother will jump for them. But if it is the mother who fails, then the team will have to take the place of the team on base.

Can you see the straw? They said that even on carrying crazy stunts I could still remain demure…LOL! I was trying to take back the straw by inserting it between my upper lip and nose. What a wild ordeal!!!

Passing on the straw to another player just using the pouted mouth !

To my girl friends, thank you so much for your friendship. It isn’t often that I say this, but I wanted to thank you all for being such good friends. You are always around when I need you, always willing to listen when I need to talk, and always ready to organize something fun when I need a break. You are one of the most important people in my life, and when I count my blessings I always think of you. You were always around to lend a hand and tell a joke. I appreciate that more than you know.

Thank you again for being such great persons and wonderful friends- Ren, Faith, Grace, Sugar, Belle, Ate Gigie and Ate Eng (the last 2 friends were not in the photos).

By the way, next Christmas can we wear dereon clothing? These clothes aren’t expensive like alternative brands of garments that cater to hip hop wear. Celebrity singers like Beyonce Knowles and Tina Knowles have started this clothing line in 2006 solely for women. The Dereon clothing is female and trendy as it’s created mainly for women. These garments are impressed with the road fashion also because the ramp fashion and hence are the mix of each these cultures.

Here are a few pieces from the House of Dereon line. What do you think?

Incidentally, I really loved the shoes featured.

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  1. beautifulmare says:

    a wonderful tribute to our craziness last christmas eve. indeed, twas fun to reminisce and to play our childhood games. your friendship also means so much to me(us). thanks heaps for always being there, you, joseph and katchao(dont know to spell) are such beautiful people given to us as an added happiness to what we have already. happy christmas and a more prosperous new year ^_^

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