Blessed night with the awe-inspiring family and friends

A week ago we hit the 33rd floor of Lee Garden’s Plaza Hotel for their sumptuous sky buffet with our pastor and his wife. My latest photo in my FB account was about that wonderful night as you can view here (that is if we’re friends there..he..he...). Last night, we bobbed up in this popular sky buffet for the second time this month to meet a dear family who has been a blessing to me in special ways. They seldom breeze in Thailand because of their hectic schedules but finally after three years since I met them, we find time to meet again. If it’s not for FB (and my sneaking around it on my lunch break…he..he…) I would have missed this meeting.
Meeting Ate Janet is like meeting an older sister which I never had. She’s always that friendly and accommodating that will make you feel at home in an instance. She’s one of the reasons why I started blogging because she’s a living proof that you’ll earn thousands of dollars with it. Imagine earning about $3,000 in a year (just in her first year of getting paid to blog) ! When could I ever earn extra like that? I have high respect on how she managed her earnings online and was motivated to follow what she’d started- investing for family travel abroad like in Hong Kong Disneyland and purchasing Nikon D90 just to mention a few.

That night was more delightful because all of my girl friends were also there. It happens that most of them were Ate Janet’s friends back in Philippines or had met them already.

Thanks Ate Mimi for this beauteous folding fan. You may think that it’s not an appropriate gift this rainy season, but don’t worry it will surely serve its purpose few months from now before we know it..he..he…

Truly time flies swiftly. Schenker was just a toddler and Samantha was just a baby the last time I saw them but look at them now! They’re such sweet darlings. Their giggles that night remind me that we’re in a happy place.

Ate Janet, Kuya Peter, Schenker and Sam, thank you so much for the blessed night we had with you. Your investment in time, money and presence are worth more than the silver bars that this world could offer. We hope we could see you again and that time it would be our opportunity to invest to a wonderful family like yours. Have a happy trip going back to Kuala Lumpur. Stay blessed!

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  1. you obviously had so much fun. Merry Christmas!

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