Caregivers need cares and appreciation too!

I have friends who took up caregiving courses because they wanted to go to London or Canada as caregivers. More gainful employment opportunities await Filipino caregiver as the demand for their services continues to rise abroad. Am I tempted to be a caregiver? I’m not. The job of the caregiver can be challenging and exhausting. Burnout can easily result.

I’ve watched the movie “Caregiver” – movie’s focus is on a woman who leaves her country to work in London as a Caregiver and shows the realities of caregiving.The job of the caregiver is overwhelming-trying to balance their workload loads leads to stress and exhaustion. No wonder my caregivers friends seem to be tired all the time. They said some of their friends even shows possible signs of depression! Who won’t? Some works so hard but never heard any appreciation.Some feel very used and put upon. It is important for them to protect their own well being and not let anger get out of control. Depression treatment like dual diagnosis can be extensive with professional care. Or may be addressed with simple common sense measures. Other than just words of appreciation, here are some ways that may provide help for depression:

1. Admit that you are struggling and can not carry the load. Set pride aside. Set guilt aside
2. Stay in communication with the family. Find others to talk about your feelings and fears.
3. Stay socially involved. Don’t become socially isolated.
4. Make rest a priority. Schedule time off. Insist on replacements.
5. Do not add low priority complications to your life.

Just living with depression is not the answer. When the caregiver does not take care of themselves, health and mental attitude may start to slip. Depression can sneak up and cause significant damage. If you have caregivers in your house taking care of your elderlies, don’t forget to show them that you are grateful for all they do. They’re human too and need care and appreciation as much as we need .

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