A happy and beautiful Christmas with Hyzyd

How’s your Christmas? We don’t have Christmas vacation in here that’s why I took the liberty of having my offline vacation- giving myself a break from blogging and facebooking. I even don’t allow myself to even check my email! I devoted my time with my family, my friends and with God. I’m even thankful that I don’t have online tasks last week so that I won’t be forced to work.

On December 24, our school allowed us to enjoy the day so we’re off from duty but for my hubby’s side, they’re having classes because they had a break starting December 27 until January 3, 2011. So I decided to have a date with Hyzyd, my lovable tyke. I brought him to Carrefour (Hatyai’s French international hypermarket chain) and let him play at their Skippy’s Wonderland.

Our day out won’t be complete without him riding on his fave car

Hyzyd’s checking out the colorful chipmunks

He’s having a great time tapping the chipmunks that pop out the holes!

A happy child deserves a Happy Basket Ice-Cream from Swensens!

Mmmmmmm yummmyyyyyyyyy!!!

I am a working mom and my husband works too. We make sure that we give our baby a quality time as much as we can. I was glad that on that day, Hyzyd was entertained especially now that he’s more curious and active. He’s growing fast and learning a lot. His happiness is what matters to us.

It’s indeed a happy and beautiful Christmas!
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