You’re welcome to our apartment!

If you plan to have your holiday here in Thailand specifically here in Hatyai City please don’t hesitate to ask me where you could find cheap apartments, self catering apartments, or luxurious apartments as well.

If you don’t mind I could offer you our place. Our place could be considered self catering apartment. You have the option of eating out or cooking your own meal. In Hatyai City, you’ll literally find nice and cheap restaurants on every corner, and that’ll give you great opportunities to taste the local cuisine. But should you fancy an even cheaper meal, you can prepare it in the privacy of our self catering apartment…he..he… And maybe try out some local recipe by buying locally grown produce at the nearest super market – which by the way is cheap as well.

If you don’t want to cook yourself but simply want to relax and enjoy your holiday, our humble kitchen facilities could serve you anytime you need a cold or hot drink. You can keep a small stock of delicious snacks, should you feel peckish late at night or between meals coz we have cupboards.

To all my marces, our apartment is open for you to lay your hat while enjoying and exploring the beautiful city of Hatyai.

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