Surigao del Norte, here I come!

I’ve been away from home since October 2007 after my wedding. I can’t wait to be back this coming April! Yaaayyyyy!!!! I can’t wait to visit my grandparents, relatives and friends. I can’t wait to eat my favorite Surigaonon dish especially the “kinilaw” . I am thrilled to visit our Cagbantoy Beach and Mabua Beach and I can’t wait to shop in one of the newly department stores in our small city. I hope it has included barcode scanners to their retail POS system for a fast and efficient shopping. I remember that about 5 years ago, before I came here in Thailand, our department stores and grocery stores in our province don’t have either fixed barcode scanners nor the handheld barcode scanners. Because of this, if we wanted to do our grocery shopping we’ll go to the city as early as possible to avoid a very long queue. Because there’s no barcode scanners, the cashier will manually key in the price or the bar codes of each item purchased and it really takes forever to wait! Nonetheless,I miss the undeniable beauty of my home. I miss the fresh air of the province of Surigao del Norte. The smell of my house. I miss the view of the stream and the view of the forest in our backyard. I miss the peacefulness of the surrounding that you’ll hear the chirping of birds and the croaking of frogs. I miss walking along the muddy trails of my neighborhood. I miss the sound of my mother and sibling’s laughter and my father’s sporadic cooking. I feel like I am missing out on all things which make my home wonderful.I am more thankful for my home than ever. I know it’s waiting for me.

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