Just Beautiful: 8 beautiful sisters of mine!

Who among you here got as many sisters as I do?  I got eight beautiful younger sisters. Isn’t that wonderful…sooo beautiful?
As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’m the eldest of 14 children. I got 8 sisters who looked up on me with respect and adoration. I got 8 companions to whom I can express my feelings. They’re my jewels and I never regretted that they’re born nor that we’re as many as over a dozen. I can always turn to them coz they’re my bestfriends. There were no dull moments with them. I love them so much! They’re one of the beautiful things of my life.

My friends, meet my sisters:

the 14th- the future doctor in the family

the 13th- wants to be a teacher like me…she’s the dancer among us

the 9th- soon to join me here in Thailand to study International Business English

the 5th (with moi)- is on her last year of BS Environmental Science Management

the 11th- the supportive and obliging

the 12th- the thinker and scholarly

the 10th- the charming and cute

the 8th- the gracious and sociable

Her and History


  1. This is just beautiful photos..anyway have followed you hope you do the same, see yah!

  2. Arvin U. de la Peña says:

    good luck sa kanila..

  3. Anonymous says:

    All those sisters what an awesome blessings and you must have a couple of spoiled rotten brothers? (from having all those sisters)


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