Orange Tuesdays: People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere

Hi meme lovers. There’s a new meme hosted by Shengkay’s Randomness Journal open every Tuesday to Saturday.If you love orange, then it’s time for your orange stuffs to be in the limelight and if you simply needed a filler post, joining this meme could be the right one for you coz you’ll just find photo of yourself with orange, your love ones, your things or just anything that has color orange, write a short description then voila, you got a post. But don’t forget to leave comments to the host and to other entrants who manage to sneak a peek on your entry.

I only had few things in orange. I noticed that someone wearing orange stands out in crowd. Maybe because of its so bright or maybe because only few choose this color. I’ve been told that people who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Do you think so? Let’s us hubby..he..he…
Here’s my hubby wearing orange Wrangler tee. It’s the only orange tee that he got. This photo was taken last December 2010 by the pretty woman behind Janet Luison’s Photography.
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  1. sHeNgKaY says:

    hi mommy gene! thanks for playing Orange Tuesdays..

    love your template anyway..hmm..
    ..sincere and thoughtful..I think I am..hahaha..
    hope to see you next week. I love your family..

  2. nice family picture.. just visiting from the hop 😉

    here's mine:

  3. your introduction because I so love orange..hehe

    mine is up too gen..see yah!

  4. It's a beautiful family picture! You just may be right about the color orange. It's my husband's favorite and he is very throughtful.

    Come see orange jellies at my site.

  5. A pretty family pic…happy OT! mine is up.

  6. chubskulit says:

    In love na inlove mukha nyo sis weee.

    Late bloghopping for Tuesday Orange, come see mine when you have time.

  7. lovely family photo…
    visiting from this week's Orange Tuesdays

    hope you can visit back

  8. Nice family shot! Love it!

    Happy Orangeeyy Tuesday!!
    Orange Tuesday: Friends

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