Photography: My family’s new favorite hobby!

Weekends can be boring if household chores will only eat your time. The moment my father lend us his Sony A200 DSLR, we decided to explore and experience photography as a family activity on weekends. We have the perfect team- a photographer ( hubby’s still learning how to use the DSLR), the stylist (it’s not yet too late for me to learn how to style, pick wardrobe and accessories, do make-up and hair and direct poses, right?..he..he..) and models ( my sis Yvonne who is enjoying her new “career” and Hyzyd who loves to steal the moments with his unusual poses and facial expressions…soo adorable!) .
Photography has truly become a hobby that the whole family can enjoy. Here’s the proof:

Location: adjacent to Hatyai City Train Station

it’s me doing the make-up and hair:)

giving direction to the model..(char feeling…LOL!)

The shots of the day:

the model in “Summer is here” theme

the model in ” Sweet but tough” theme

Hyzyd in “I own this moment” theme…LOL! 

Afterwards, we visited the Idea Market in Lee Graden’s Plaza to buy some souvenirs for my pen friends and sisters.

Hyzyd’s fave store: fridge magnets with vintage cars on it!

We plan to have our family portrait be drawn (while we sit down) and framed but knowing that Hyzyd can’t stay in one place, we decided to have our printed family photo be drawn next time. Check out the prices and a proof that you could be drawn in less than 30 minutes. What an artist!

drawing the daughter first…

then the mom comes next…so cool!
The day won’t be complete without putting something in our tummy so the Lee Graden’s Plaza is the perfect place to scour for cheap Thai dishes.
Which hobby can involve every family member, regardless of age (almost) or ability? Photography! Yep, photography is one of the few family hobbies that the whole family can enjoy!

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  1. MommyLES says:

    pretty model..and handsome little guy too. visiting for Ft..

  2. Mommy Jes says:

    hi GEne!!! Welcome to fam time!!!

    Nice fam bonding!! and the photography huh?! nice!! πŸ™‚ so you have your model too!!! nice! ahhahanatuwa naman ako…parang mga anak ko ginwa ko models ko :)) ehehhehe hope to see you again next week! πŸ™‚ hoe to see you in toy stories every wed and shopping bag on thursday πŸ™‚

  3. Grace Olsson says:

    oh, I remember the first time when I visited OSlo, the Capital of Norway….I met a man who could drawn my face..It was it…the boy is very beautiful.Unfortunately he is shy
    nice day

  4. Photography Expert says:

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