Who’s new in the house?

Nothing much happened to me this week. Same old but not boring routine if you ask me- 3:00 am waking time- school- endless household chores-family time. Have I told you about my 16-year-old sis, Yvonne? She came last June 9 to study here in Hatyai University. She’s taking up AB International Business English. She applied for full scholarship and help us pray that it will be granted to her. With her in the family is a BIG help. I have someone to help me on household chores- preparing breakfast, doing laundry (we’ll just have our laundry send to laundromat-the one near us is you’ll pay 20 baht per load. Usually we’ll have 3-4 loads per week. We’ll just pick them up after 2 hours, ready to be hanged) and other errands. One more thing, I don’t need to go to a saloon to have my nails done. I have my own manicurist/pedicurist at home! Yes, she’s good on that. I’m so proud of my sister that she’s doing great in school. Of all freshmen in the university’s International Degree,she placed first during the university’s placement test. Moreover, we got our own model to practice our new-found hobby-photography! Finally, I got a willing disciple on blogging! Tune in for the launching of her new blog one of these days.
Meet my sister, Yvonne Xyzelle

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