It’s wet season here again in Thailand. Though I love rain on weekends because we could just snug on bed while watching movies with snacks and hot coffee, I could hate it when it hinders our plan to go outside the house like going to the market, to church , to the post office and to go anywhere! Tuktuk is kinda expensive and hard to find on rainy days especially in our side of town. Thus, the necessity of car for every family which we don’t have yet! I read from Thaivisa.com that Phitsanulok in the lower North is still suffering from heavy flooding – at the highest level in 16 years, provincial authorities said. Hope we won’t have flood again this year, I pray!
Because of the rain, my marketing is delayed. We don’t have vegetables, meat and fish in our fridge already. I badly needed to go to the market amidst this heavy rain! Plus, I need to call our water vendor. Every time we run out of drinking water, we just call him up and he’ll be in our doorstep after few minutes. The drinking water that we ordered is the special one – 25 baht per container instead of the usual 12 baht. It’s much expensive because of the upgraded reverse osmosis systems used. We’re really sure that this type of system remove an extremely broad range of contaminants , thus, we’re safe with it.
I’ve decided this Sunday morning that instead of grumbling for the rain, I have to thank God for it. As I am writing this post, I am listening to the splashes of heavy rain hitting the Land of Smiles.

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  1. Judy Haughton-James says:

    We got some rain today in my area of Jamaica but we could do with more. Tonight it is rather hot!

  2. The Twerp and I says:

    Rainy season here in Manila too. I love the rain but not when it's flooding though 🙂 New follower on GFC!

    The Twerp & I

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