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I’ve been battling with my alarm clock every 3:00 AM. I used to be excited to wake up at 3:00 AM because it’s “ME” time! I love the moment of silence, the time alone with God when I could pour out my inner emotions and my only precious moment of the day where I’m left undisturbed. But for this week, my faithful alarm clock who served me for two years was disappointed!It’s waking sound who once became my good morning music became a dreadful sound of the day! I couldn’t believe it either but once it performs its duty, my hand automatically reached for it and shut it down. Thus my mornings this week are in RUSH! I would blame migraine for all those chaos! It left me needing for increased sleep,  feeling mentally dull the whole week and excruciating neck pain! So my dear blog, pardon me for not you the time.
Now that I’m back to my feet again, let me bring you back what we did last Saturday. Thailand declared January 14 as Children’s Day. All children are looking forward for this day because parents are preparing something special for them- a tour to mall, a visit to a beach or zoo , buying them presents and anything that could make children happy! 
As for us we stayed at home. Why? Hatyai City is crowded with tourists and families from neighboring provinces. How could Hyzyd enjoy a place jam packed with children? We moved our celebration on the next day. How right we are! Skippy’s Wonderland was not so crowded on Sunday afternoon. Hyzyd was soo happy because he’s big and tall enough to be admitted to Kid’s Soft Play Station! His dad is the only one who’s allowed to accompany him because he wore socks! I can’t believe it. If I only knew I should bring along my socks! He..he..he…You know this mom has still a child in her that wanted to run , throw balls and lie on that soft mattress. Maybe because I’m a preschool teacher and it’s my job not only to teach children but also to entertain them, I haven’t completely let go the child within. 
the family with our fave food- fried rice with seafood, soup, papaya salad with crabs and peanuts and lychee juice . It’s a very sumptuous lunch for only $10 including my hubby’s repeat order!
my boys enjoying their time in the wide kid’s soft play pen!
The first time for the family to watch MOVIE in a theater house! I’m here with my sis posing with the movie tickets for souvenir:)
It’s a bit disappointing that all movies for the day are in ENGLISH:(  We chose the one with Mario Maruer , the one that makes girls in Thailand and Philippines went crazy for his cuteness since he made a debut on “A Crazy Thing called Love”. The ticket lady said there’s an English subtitle for it but there’s none…double sadness here:(:(…
Why watching movie in the theater isn’t complete without popcorn and soda?

Here are what we experience on our first family movie date:

1. Be on time. No late admittance!
2. Before the movie started,  everybody were requested to rise to pay respect to the King of Thailand while the national anthem’s being played.
3. Everybody leaves the theater room after the movie . There’s no such thing as “repeat viewing”.
Hyzyd enjoyed his time inside the movie house. Before the movie starts, there’s a comedy film “ATM” being previewed and Hyzyd was laughing and it’s contagious! The people surrounding us were curious trying to see who’s this lil man laughing his heart out and speaking English! Hyzyd’s voice is booming like a thunder asking his dad “Why daddy?” “It’s so funny!”…etc….He stopped asking questions when the real movie started , played the Ipad for few minutes under my feet and went to sleep. Children’s Day is fun, fun,  fun!!!!
You never know when accidents happen and when it happens, it left you speechless but what a relief it is when you see how your love one is saved from possible danger. Thank God for keeping my hubby safe last Thursday morning. On the way to school, a truck on the roadside suddenly cross the street without looking on his left or right side . My approaching hubby didn’t have enough time to break thus he slammed on the side of the truck. The motorcycle’s front face is broken. He got bruises on his legs and elbows. Thank God, there’s no major damage. The motorcycle was sent to repair shop. The offender paid for it. He was excused from school . He walked limping but he’s completely fine.
It’s reading test for my K-2. It’s comforting to know that majority of them can spell and read the following words: well, wig, ten, king, ring, bed, net, bell, egg, and log. I’m completely shocked when one of my student who couldn’t write well and seems like a slow learner read all the words perfectly! It really made my day glorious! The other one who’s voice I haven’t heard because she won’t talk to anyone finally find her voice (so still, small voice that I could hardly hear) and read the words excellently! It’s enough to put me on high spirits this week. I’m so happy and so glad of the improvement of these special  children. I now have something extraordinary report  to add on my   InetSoft’s report engine .
On this week I learn to devote myself to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving. Only when we’ve spent time in God’s presence and drawn strength from Him, will webe equal to the challenges we face on any given day.

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