Happy and Blessed New Year 2012 to all!

God is sooo good! We’re able to celebrate this special event with our family and friends. It’s the first time for our family to really prepare something on the table late at night and still wide awake when the clock struck 12! Even our lil boy didn’t go to bed. He enjoyed blowing his cutie party horn with a friend and witnessed fireworks from our friend’s porch upstairs porch. Oh boy! It’s New Year and it’s raining cats and dogs in the side of our town! We’re not able to capture the beautiful fireworks through our DSLR. But it’s fine with us ..what is important is that we’re happy and enjoyed the fireworks together, thankful that after 3 days, Hyzyd has finally recovered from fever (he’s back to skinny and didn’t enjoy his cracked lips:( ) and grateful to share our blessings to our love ones.
Let’s start this New Year right.As we enter this New Year, let’s stop and recall God’s goodness, check the price tag on His will for our life against what we’re already paying, and compare the rewards of both. Then, let’s look in the mirror, and respect or correct what we’re becoming:). We must let go of any old grudges that are weighing us down. Happy and blessed New year to all!

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