This is how my week goes: Chinese New Year, Couple Shirts and First 3D

Can I just post my photos here and I’ll let them tell how our week goes? As the old adage says “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
We wore red because they said so:) People wear red on Chinese New Year because red represents prosperity, fortune, and luck. Ultimately, they wear it because it shows happiness, so are we.
Central Department Store set this stage for family and group pictures. Thank you:)

at the center of Hatyai City and we’re on the end of the lane…nothing much in here:(

with my sis and cranky tot:)

with my lovely family in front Lee Garden’s Plaza Hotel

Couples Shirt: Yes we’re nice to each other:)

not really a nice movie for the family but it’s the only English movie of the day:(

while waiting for the theater’s door to open

first time in 3D and I can’t forget how involuntarily I cross my arms in defend of the broken glasses that flew right to me! Funny me!!!

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