Paying the Price of my Stupid Timidity

I detest moments of my life where my stupid timidity takes over like what happened yesterday:

I needed to have Thai translations for my Transcript of Records (TOR) (for Visa renewal application). I went to Faculty of Liberal Arts in Prince of Songkhla University. Six years ago, I had my previous documents translated here for about 300 Thb per page. Last May 2013, my sis-in-law had her documents translated here for 450 Thb per page. Going there wasn’t an easy feat. First, I have to give direction to Tuktuk driver with my crooked Thai. I went there midday enduring the hottest temperature of the day. Because I didn’t know the Thai term for “Faculty of Liberal Arts”, I stopped at Siam Bank thinking I could start from there to ask direction. Fortunately, I asked someone who can speak English and she told me the way. I walked for my destination for 3 good minutes under the scorching sun ! Thanks goodness, I’m wearing blazer and sunglasses so they made me felt protected…at least. Someone told me the office for translation is on the 3rd floor…then 4th floor…then finally a young staff guided me to 2nd floor’s Division of Academic Support office. The in-charge couldn’t speak English so the young staff translated for me that each page is already 1000 Thb due to new policy. The price is way too high for me but still I availed the service because I WAS TOO TIMID TO BACK OUT! Can you believe that!?! I could have just thanked them for their time and look for other translators with more affordable fee:(

Now I pay the price of my stupid timidity (2000 Thb or additonal 500 Thb if the translation will produce another page 🙁 ).

I shared my sentiments to my husband for comfort and understanding . I hate to admit but he’s right. Oddly enough, my timidity can be a form of pride. I’m being overly concerned for the opinions of the people there like

“Can’t I afford 1000 Thb per page?”

” I’ve already hassled someone to lead me to the right office. I could at least pay him back by availing their services”

Let this situation be a reminder to me to be wise on my decisions and let not stupid timidity hold me back.

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